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Nuclear tests without nukes

An interesting pieces of an article about fusion power that is about to be demonstrated at National ignition facility in the year 2010.  For full article go here ……Next year, researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California … Continue reading

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Many Ramayanas: The (hi) story of IISc

This is draft blog. I hope to refine it as I go along. I wil also add a narrative of the origins of the Department of Metallurgy and the National Institute of Advanced Studies S Ranganathan Many Ramayanas: In Pursuit … Continue reading

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A phase transition called traffic jam

… this is actually a pretty familiar scenario for particle physicists, who are used to studying phase transitions, such as the transformation of liquid water into solid ice. In this case, the critical threshold is temperature, which triggers clusters of … Continue reading

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Indus Script Deciphered

There are many unsolved problems in life. I am not referring to my wife balancing the home budget. Among the more serious ones are the decipherment of the Indus script. Were the symbols in Moghenjadaro a product of an illiterate … Continue reading

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On computers and their use

The metallurgists should stop doing now what the computers can do. The metallurgists should concern themselves with applying the thermodynamic principles to phase equilibria, but they should rely on computers in carrying out the mathematics. This will reduce considerably the … Continue reading

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What is in a name?

From the web Couple fights to name baby “ Metallica” Stockholm: Metallica may be a cool name for a heavy metal band, but a Swedish couple is struggling to convince officials it is also suitable for a baby girl. Michael … Continue reading

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Sankya Vahini

As I read in this morning’s Hindu that the National Knowledge Network is in place, my heart was filled with joy. I also recalled the vision of V S Arunachalam in advocating this idea long time ago. I attach a … Continue reading

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