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Classics in Materials Science: Shockley and Read’s dislocation models of crystal grain boundaries

Any crystalline material contains many defects. Depending on the topology of the defects, they can be classified as point, line, surface and volume defects. Of these, only point defects are equilibrium defects — that is, at any temperature above absolute … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science: Potts model and its relevance to simulation of microstructures

A soap bubble is an extraordinarily beautiful thing and yet it requires virtually no skill to produce. This is because surface tension does all the work for you, making sure that a perfect spherical membrane is produced every time. In … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science: Harper’s experiments with Snoek pendulum

Introduction Dislocations are one type of defect in a crystalline solid; they distort the crystalline lattice around them; these distortions around a dislocation in a crystal could be dilatational (the distance between planes is more than what it should be) … Continue reading

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Classics in materials science: Vegard’s law of linear relationship between lattice parameter and alloy composition

Let us consider a pure metal, say copper; let us consider the case in which we remove some copper atoms and substitute for them with gold atoms; since gold atoms are slightly bigger than copper atoms, it is natural to … Continue reading

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Spintronics – I : The discovery of Giant MagnetoResistance (GMR) and the birth of spintronics

Let me start with this quote, “The theory of metallic resistance abounds in mysteries,” rightly said by Meaden (1971). One of these mysteries is about how and why electrical resistance changes when a magnetic field acts on ferromagnetic materials. And … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science 1964 vintage

A citation classic from 1964 I had the good fortune that my very first paper in my research career ¬†published in Acta Metallurgica in 1964 became¬† a citation classic. The article by David Brandon, my Ph D Supervisor at Cambridge … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science: The Bragg-Williams model of order-disorder transformations. II

Since Bragg and Williams (BW) wrote a series [1-3], I guess it is only fitting that my post on their classic should also be a series. So, here is the second part. After the first post, Abi made an astute … Continue reading

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