Quick tips for blogging

Here are some tips to help you with your blogging:

  1. Use an informal, friendly tone. Readers expect it these days.
  2. Write short posts. Typically, under 500 words, and the shorter, the better!
  3. Longer essays are okay, but split them using the “[more]” tag. In the main page, WordPress will show only the stuff that comes before the tag, and the full post will appear only when readers click to read the post itself.
  4. Link, link, link. This cannot be emphasized enough. Whenever you comment on someone else’s ideas, it’s important to provide a link to the original. As scientists, we know the value of citations. Links are the citations of the online world.
  5. When a reader leaves a comment, do respond to him/her. It is not necessary to reply to every one of the comments. Indeed, many of them simply say, “I agree with you,” or “Good post!” However, when a more substantive comment is made (particularly one in which the reader disagrees with you), it’s a good idea to reply, and keep the conversation going.

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