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Cancer and Nanobombs

Recent issue of Materials Today reports: In the realm of science fiction, the idea of tiny nanorobots that can enter the human body and seek out and destroy unwanted elements has been prevalent. This idea has been made a reality … Continue reading

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Materials Science and Environment

Frankly speaking, most of the experimental metallurgy and materials science reserach does not give a damn about the environment. Ironically even those who work in energy related areas (including me) turn a blind eye to the issues concerning the environment … Continue reading

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Stiffer than steel!!!

Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Muscles can be stiffer than steel by weight despite being as light as air, and elasticity comparable to a rubber as reported in the latest issue of Science magazine. Here are two articles, one is the perspective … Continue reading

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Materials Curriculum: A need for overhaul

From my own experience as a student and then as a teacher for about six years, I think that there is a strong need to overhaul the curriculum of Materials education in India. We need to introduce subjects such as … Continue reading

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