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Materializing Innovation at GE …

Hi Friends, I am Suchismita, a new blogger to Materialia Indica. For the last 8 years, I have been with the Materials Research team at GE Global Research. I am also an alumnus of IISc, so when Abi mentioned about … Continue reading

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Cancer and Nanobombs

Recent issue of Materials Today reports: In the realm of science fiction, the idea of tiny nanorobots that can enter the human body and seek out and destroy unwanted elements has been prevalent. This idea has been made a reality … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science: Potts model and its relevance to simulation of microstructures

A soap bubble is an extraordinarily beautiful thing and yet it requires virtually no skill to produce. This is because surface tension does all the work for you, making sure that a perfect spherical membrane is produced every time. In … Continue reading

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Clean water for everyone: How can nanotechnology help?

Overcoming the difficulties of nanotechnology water treatments means developing innovative solutions to engineer a usable product. One answer could be to develop methods where the nanoparticles need not be suspended in the water. For example, one can stick — or … Continue reading

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Metals and Stars

This is the International Year of Astronomy. Some of the earliest discoveries of humankind revolve around metallurgy and astronomy. In fact the seven metals of antiquity are all closely identified with the heavenly bodies. Thus the sun is linked to … Continue reading

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In her NYTimes article, Natalie Angier has several quotes from Rob Ritchie of UC-Berkeley on the mechanical behaviour of bones (check out his recent publications): … [H]ealthy bone is disciplined bone, with a structure enviably organized at every scale yet … Continue reading

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