Materials Science and Environment

Frankly speaking, most of the experimental metallurgy and materials science reserach does not give a damn about the environment. Ironically even those who work in energy related areas (including me) turn a blind eye to the issues concerning the environment during materials synthesis.  For instance, both Si or organic polymers used as core structure in solar cells are polluting on their own end of synthesis.

I think it is high time that materials scientists start working on technologies that are climate friendly and a discipline called ‘Environmental Materials Science’ or ‘Green Materials Science’ may take off. Materials scientists can also work on the problems towards clean/green energy, waste disposal, water purification, recycling  etc etc.  This is especially important for a country like India which has massive population relying on local natural resources and everything in future is climate dependant..

Imagine another shift of civilization due to climate change being not too distant (well, you and me wont live to see that!) unless we find hidden massive oil treasures like Gulf.


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  1. vs says:

    But the synthesis of organic polymers is not as polluting as the purification of silicon.

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