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Classics in Materials Science: Shockley and Read’s dislocation models of crystal grain boundaries

Any crystalline material contains many defects. Depending on the topology of the defects, they can be classified as point, line, surface and volume defects. Of these, only point defects are equilibrium defects — that is, at any temperature above absolute … Continue reading

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A new, bigger home for Materialia Indica

Update (31 August 2013): Things have changed since we mad this announcement back in 2009. Due primarily to lack of activity at our site at, we are saying good bye to it. Now, the Materialia Indica community ┬áhas a … Continue reading

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On computer simulations in materials science

The conventional analytical treatment of actual systems can in fact only be successfully performed in the simplest cases. It fails when a more or less realistic model of multiphase alloys in considered. As a matter of fact, computer simulation is … Continue reading

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