Indus Script Deciphered

There are many unsolved problems in life. I am not referring to my wife balancing the home budget. Among the more serious ones are the decipherment of the Indus script. Were the symbols in Moghenjadaro
a product of an illiterate society and just an assemblage of pictograms drawn by our whimsical ancestors? Now a multidisciplinary group of Indian scholars advance proof that it is indeed a language. They have used linguistic entropy to prove that the symbols represent some kind of ordering and inded represent a language.I am pleased that Prof Mayank Vahia , one of the authors , collaborates with Sharada Srinivasan and myself by giving us a project on ancient Indian metallurgy

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  1. Dear Shri.Raghu,

    I have proposed a new theory on Indus sites and have given decipherment of few seals. The inscriptions on the seals indicate the “Date and Month” of death of a person ( Thithi- Date) . To conduct the annual “thithi” ceremony. The e-book is freely available in my website.

    wishing you all the best,

  2. for more information got to the following web site:


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