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Do sub-critical clusters and critical nuclei need to have the same ‘form’?

The answer, of course, is no. But, where’s the evidence? First, some background. Since nucleation involves a free energy barrier, one invokes certain mythical fluctuations that (somehow!) build up to yield viable nuclei. Usually, the precise details of these fluctuations … Continue reading

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Workshop on Computational Materials Science, Bangalore, 6-8 March 2009

From the annoucement for CMS-09: Organized by the Department of Materials Engineering at IISc and the UGC Networking Resource Centre for Materials (NRC-M), CMS-09 will feature lectures by experts on computational techniques that are widely used for studying materials phenomena … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science: Heycock and Neville’s determination of Cu-Sn (bronze) phase diagram

Bronze is an important alloy. It is so important in the histories of our civilizations that one of the prehistoric ages is named after it: The Bronze Age is, with respect to a given prehistoric society, the period in that … Continue reading

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Hi! from Guru

My name is Mogadalai Pandurangan Gururajan — Guru for short! I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT-Delhi. I am a computational materials scientist with an interest in modelling microstructural evolution. I maintain a homepage called … Continue reading

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