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Trilobite eyes

Though this topic may not be directly related to materials engineering, it tells us how nature’s creations are sometimes amazingly shocking. I hit upon this topic while reading ‘The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing’ by Richard Dawkins.  In a … Continue reading

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Genetic Algorithims in Materials Engineering

This is old news for people who attended this years workshop on Computational Materials Science (CMS-09) and many other experts in this field, but something very new and very interesting to me and I hope to a number of materials … Continue reading

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Licensed softwares for free!

A friend of mine referred me to this website, which is a very useful link to download softwares. Here’s give away of the day for you.

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Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke is one name that didn’t draw as much attention as Newton’s did, though both were contemporaries; but his work has been no less significant and diverse. The famous Hooke’s Law in elasticity came from him in 1678 in … Continue reading

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Funny quotes

Here’s a list of some funny quotes, very apt for materials engineers. Enjoy!!

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MIR and Metallurgy

Most of metallurgy started with extraction, which materials scientists of today seem to have forgotten. Most books and extraction labs today are collecting dust. I came across a nice book with funny anectodes and funnier illustrations dealing with stories on … Continue reading

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Self cleaning systems

Studies on adhesion might have started a century ago, but today its coming to us in all the unusual and ‘magical’ forms seeming as though materials and their surfaces have a life of their own! Ralk Blosseys progress article in … Continue reading

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