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GuruMy name is Mogadalai Pandurangan Gururajan — Guru for short! I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT-Delhi. I am a computational materials scientist with an interest in modelling microstructural evolution.

I maintain a homepage called Technically Speaking; I also maintain a homepage for one of the courses on engineering materials that I teach — some of the material from the homepage might be of interest to some of you.

I also maintain and contribute to several blogs; here is my personal blog called Entertaining Research; here is my technical blog called Materials, Science of; via The Great Computational Way — which is but a collection of links to some papers (mostly on the computational aspects — but not exclusively) that I find interesting with an occasional original (rather technical) post thrown in. In addition, I also contribute to iMechanica; and, as you can see, with this post, to MaterialiaIndica too!

Once again Hi! and I will leave you with a link to the wiki page on Materials Science — till we meet again!


About Guru

I am an Assistant Professor in a Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Department; I also pursue research in the broad area of computational materials science.
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