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Cancer and Nanobombs

Recent issue of Materials Today reports: In the realm of science fiction, the idea of tiny nanorobots that can enter the human body and seek out and destroy unwanted elements has been prevalent. This idea has been made a reality … Continue reading

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Clean water for everyone: How can nanotechnology help?

Overcoming the difficulties of nanotechnology water treatments means developing innovative solutions to engineer a usable product. One answer could be to develop methods where the nanoparticles need not be suspended in the water. For example, one can stick — or … Continue reading

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Materials Quotes: 007

Richard Feynman: I would like to describe a field, in which little has been done, but in which an enormous amount can be done in principle. This field is not quite the same as the others in that it will … Continue reading

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Nano-moulds with bulk metallic glasses

Jan Shroers (quoted in the Yale press release): “While ‘plastics!’ was the catchword of the 1960’s, we think ‘BMGs!’ will be the buzz-word for the coming decade.” Here’s a short clip from the movie The Graduate on that 1960s’ buzzword! … Continue reading

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