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Clean water for everyone: How can nanotechnology help?

Overcoming the difficulties of nanotechnology water treatments means developing innovative solutions to engineer a usable product. One answer could be to develop methods where the nanoparticles need not be suspended in the water. For example, one can stick — or … Continue reading

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Srirangapatna Gold

Gold has a mesmerising influence on human imagination. Rudyard Kipling immortalised it in his poem ” Gold is for the mistress”. I have always been fascinated by the golden mask that covered the face of the mummy of the young … Continue reading

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Goverdhan Mehta Committee Report …

… is now available online. Thanks to Giridhar for posting it; he also has a summary of the key recommendations regarding the salary structure at IISc, IITs, IIMs and IISERs.

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Graduate admissions: An interesting initiative at IISc

If you are a student with an interest in joining IISc’s doctoral program in engineering, you may have missed seeing this stuff which appears in some nondescript location in the admission brochure: NOTE: Candidates with BE/ B Tech/ M Sc … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Materials:1.Metallurgical Heritage of India

This article was first published as SRINIVASAN, SHARADA and RANGANATHAN, SRINIVASA. 1997. “Metallurgical Heritage of India”,.in Golden Jubilee Souvenir, Indian Institute of Science, pp. 29-36. Bangalore: Indian Institute of Science In spite of being an article in a Souvenir it … Continue reading

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Classics in Materials Science 1964 vintage

A citation classic from 1964 I had the good fortune that my very first paper in my research career  published in Acta Metallurgica in 1964 became  a citation classic. The article by David Brandon, my Ph D Supervisor at Cambridge … Continue reading

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Zuihitsu on Phase Diagrams

Rangu 1. The first phase diagram to be established was that of Iron-Cementite. It has an Indian connection. The wootz steel of Karnataka had challenged the best brains of England, France, Sweden and Russia to replicate it. A Swedish chemist … Continue reading

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