Materials Curriculum: A need for overhaul

From my own experience as a student and then as a teacher for about six years, I think that there is a strong need to overhaul the curriculum of Materials education in India. We need to introduce subjects such as Physics and Mechanics of Materials, Computational Methods in Engineering, Bio-materials related stuff early at the UG level,  reduce and consolidate the extractive metallurgy part (not eliminate), and bring in more characterization methods such as various spectroscopic techniques, environmental aspects etc. Conventional materials curricula is grossly metallurgy oriented which could be alright from extractive industry point of view, but does not really serve the students well who want to make a career and/or wish to pursue research in other areas. At IITK, we have debated these issues, are trying to introduce such changes.


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  1. Pratik says:

    Yep. As a student, I agree with this. But then, to a large extent, the driver for revamping curriculum is largely the industry. I guess the absence of strong materials engineering industries (as opposed to metallurgical industries) would still mean that the graduating students, who choose to join a core industry would not have too many options other than iron and steel, aluminum, copper etc.

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