GATE-09 results: A quick analysis

Inspired by Giridhar’s post, I got some — but only some! — information on the scores for the metallurgical engineering paper in GATE 2009 [Update: I have posted the data in the first comment on this post]. Let me run you through what I have got.

From one specific data point (87 percentile corresponds roughly to 100 ranks), we can back-calculate the total number of students who wrote the MT paper. It’s about 775. Also, the median is at about 35 marks (out of 100).

Here’s a list of indicative percentile scores and the corresponding marks (out of 100):

94.44 percentile : 68.67
90.66 percentile: 63
84.72 percentile: 56.33
81.57 percentile: 53.33
74.87 percentile: 46

If you compare these data with those that Giridhar has collected for other GATE papers, you would notice that MT marks are generally higher at every percentile level. For example, 90 percentile corresponds to 28 to 36 marks in other disciplines (Civil, Chemical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering), it’s far higher at 62 marks in Metallurgical Engineering!

* * *

As I said, I don’t have all the data. In particular, I don’t have data at the higher end — in the range between 95 percentile and 99.8 percentile.

GATE 09 Analysis

In the interim, you can feast your eyes on the plot of cumulative probability vs (reverse ordered) GATE marks with the data that I have managed to collect. The curve you see is a part of what should look like a sigmoidal curve; the upper-right part cannot be completed because GATE does not offer any data for those whose marks are below a cut-off. But we can complete the bottom-left part of the figure, if only we have the data.

It would be really great — don’t you think? — if we could have a more complete picture?

So, here’s my request: if you have more GATE-09 results (yours, your friends’, or your students’ …) for the MT paper, please leave a comment.

Make sure you give the data in the following order:

  1. percentile
  2. marks (out of 100)
  3. rank
  4. GATE score (which, I think, is out of 1000)

At the least, I need the percentile and marks.


About Abi

My name is T. A. Abinandanan, and I am a professor of Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
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10 Responses to GATE-09 results: A quick analysis

  1. Abi says:

    In the interest of openness, here are the data (p,m)I used for the plot (where p=percentile score, m=marks):

    94.44 68.67
    93.56 67
    93.06 66
    92.68 65.67
    91.29 64
    90.66 63
    88.13 60.33
    87.00 59
    85.48 57.33
    84.72 56.33
    84.34 56
    83.46 55.33
    82.45 54.67
    82.07 54
    81.57 53.33
    74.87 46
    63.38 38.67

    The plot is between [1 – (p/100)] on the y-axis and [m] on the x-axis (in reverse order, with the highest marks on the left and lowest on the right).

  2. kaustubh says:

    Here are mine:
    GATE Score: 434
    GATE Percentile Score: 93.94
    All India Rank: 46
    Marks Obtained: 67.33 Out of 100
    my comment abt paper (not asked for…but cant help writing down) : paper was very easy…i am reading @ iitb….i appeared for gate to get the increased stipend(my cpi is less than the threshhold cpi )…paper was very easy..dint prepare for it..and am happy for it…i am an average joe(as mentioned earlier…cpi is less than threshold cpi)…dint require any or very little thinking…..i was worried i wont get selected judging by the difficulty(or lack of) of paper and still got 46 rank…does this happen every year??

  3. Giridhar Madras says:

    Why don’t you extend the graph to the lower range? After all, GATE gives marks and percentile right down to the last candidate.

    Is a semilog or loglinear plot of marks versus cumulative probability straight?

    Giridhar Madras

  4. Prahlad says:

    I am final year B.TECH student @ IIT Madras.
    Here is my GATE 2009 result:
    Score: 524
    Percentile: 98.11
    Marks: 80/100

  5. chidambaram s says:

    my gate score is 354
    AIR 122
    can u have any idea abt which college i will get offer.i am GN category.

  6. Ajay says:

    my GATE score is 689. AIR 175, percentile 99.24
    I am from Mechanical Engg. background. Can I expect a ME seat at IISc Materials Engg. dept.

  7. prashanth sh shetty says:

    sir can you please let me know how GATE Score,GATE Percentile Score,All India Rank are assigned.


    prashanth s shetty

  8. Abi says:

    @Prashant: The information you’re looking for is here.

  9. sumit sinha ray says:

    sir can u please help me with gate solutions of metallurgical engg papers of 2007,2008,2009?

  10. Abi says:

    @Sumit Sinha Ray: Sorry! This is something that you really ought to be doing either by yourself or with the help of your friends and teachers.

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