Materials Quotes: 009

David Turnbull (1979 Von Hippel award acceptance speech):

164225_turnbull_color […] There are those who tell us from time to time that all the important problems in a field have, in principle, been solved and the field is therefore dead. So we were told by some of our solid state colleagues following the major developments of the ‘nearly perfect crystal’ era. Yet here we all are, learning about and discussing materials — glassy metals and semiconductors, ion implanted solids and new techniques for producing them, which were almost unheard of twenty-five years ago.

Perhaps the one safe prediction is that ten or fifteen years from now there will be a conference similar to this one where many young enthusiasts, too naive to realize that all the important discoveries have been made, will be describing materials and processes that we, at present, have no inkling of.

* * *

The picture is from the MRS webpage dedicated to David Turnbull.


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