Valentine’s and Crystals

No, I am not talking about Swarowski. Just a nice 2D tiling with hearts to celebrate V Day (belatedly). I created this as a followup to Fractal Valentine using Escher Web Sketch, an online tessellation resource. It is hours of fun and a good way to teach and learn (or re-learn, as in my case) space groups and suchlike.


On a personal note, I was introduced to MC Escher by Prof. Rajesh Prasad (then IT-BHU, now IIT-D) who used to to teach us symmetry elements via Escher’s tessellations – lizards and fish and geese and dolphins and what not. One of the most enjoyable classes I had as an undergrad student.

So, any guesses on the 2D space group of this tiling?


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Asst. professor of Materials Engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. And a bit of this and that.
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  1. Abi says:

    Oh, by the way, Karthik. … Welcome to Materialia Indica!

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