Hello everybody

I  am Hari Srinvas Goripati. It’s a great pleasure to be a contributor on this blog. I am PhD student in Materials science, university of Tsukuba, Japan.  But, I do all my thesis work at National Institute  for Materials Science (NIMS) located in the same city and am working in the field of spintronics with a focus on Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR). To define what spintronics is, unlike in normal electronics, here the spin degree of freedom of an electron is exploited in addition to its charge in making the devices. Here is a link to spintronics on wiki. Even though I am new two blogging community, hope you will enjoy my future posts on this subject.



About Hari Srinivas

I am a PhD student with a major in materials science. My research interests are thin films fabrication for spintronics applications, magnetic materials, TEM, X-ray diffraction.
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  1. Abi says:

    Hi Hari — I hope that’s how you wish to be called 😉

    Welcome to Materialia Indica! I look forward to some interesting posts from you.

    Once in a while, do write about Japan, and your experience as a grad student there. It’ll be interesting for all of us.

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