I have been reading this book on CHAOS by James Gleick which opens us all to a world which is actually all so familiar that we tend to ignore it for most part of our lives. The hidden regularities (in the form of fractals) in all the observed chaos data is a shocking indication of what nature has in store for us. The elegance and simplicity with which complex features have been designed by nature will leave anyone amazed and hungry for more!  Chaos spans the entire universe and is applicable to one and all wanting to unravel the mysteries of nature. The book is well written and is worth a read by all scientists, and is especially relevant to materials engineering, for people dealing with hierarchical structures. I hope it changes the perspective of how we think and how we train our future generations to think. It shows how we ignore finer detail at times and look at the big picture in others, missing some of the obvious secrets on the way! Hope chaos builds itself  into school curriculum, not just as an aberration but as a normal feature which everyone will look at and recognise.


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