Welcome to Materialia Indica!

Welcome to Materialia Indica!

What is Materialia Indica? Short answer: it’s an India-centric website / blog for materials science folks: academics, researchers, grad and undergrad students. Here’s the long answer.

If you would like to join Materialia Indica as a contributor, please let us know through the contact form on the Contributors page.

Please take your time to explore the site (both the static pages and blog posts), and tell us what you think about Materialia Indica. We would especially appreciate your suggestions on how it can serve the community better.

[Note: This sticky post will remain at the top for sometime to come. Scroll down for blog posts.]

[Update (19 February 2009): This post is no longer sticky. I have moved it to the archives.]


About Abi

My name is T. A. Abinandanan, and I am a professor of Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
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4 Responses to Welcome to Materialia Indica!

  1. raj says:

    Abi, Guru : let me have the honour of being the first to comment here. Compliments on this initiative. May this site make a ‘material’ difference to this world.

  2. Abi says:

    @Raj: Congratulations on being the first commenter! And, thank you so much for your compliments.

    If you ever write a post that may be of interest to materials folks, give us a buzz. We’ll be happy to host it here.

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  4. Vikas Gupta says:

    The best themes for your purpose apart from Vigilance are Cutline, Pressrow, and The Journalist (slightly boring).

    Vigilance has enticed many and I am not surprised it found another high-profile convert!

    For all WP blogging help you may visit htttp://onecoolsite.wordpress.com which is run by a Canadian woman despite her serious injury (non-profit basis). She is always helping others.

    You can put a sticky note below the header about the contest. This theme has an option for sticky notes. See it in action on One Cool Site.

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